Phone Companies Agree to Halt 5G Rollout After Airlines Protested

Phone Companies Agree to Halt 5G Rollout After Airlines Protested

( – The nation’s airlines have suffered tens of thousands of flight cancellations and delays already in 2022 due to staffing shortages related to the rising number of COVID-19 cases. For example, predictive flight tracking company FlightAware reported more than 2,200 cancellations and 2,700 delays on January 19. Fortunately, several airports dodged another problem with the recent announcement by AT&T and Verizon that they’d delay the rollout of 5G service near airports.

On Tuesday, January 18, the Big Tech giants agreed to postpone the full implementation of the fifth generation technology for broadband cellular services. Airlines had warned of the inevitability of flight delays due to concerns the frequencies deployed by 5G services could interfere with airplane guidance systems when measuring altitude above the ground during landing.

A group of 10 airline executives sent an “urgent” letter on Airlines for America letterhead to several US government agencies asking for immediate assistance with the pending 5G rollout. Airlines for America is the flight industry’s leading trade association. The executives also warned problems associated with the new service could be far worse than initially anticipated.

According to the letter, the government needed to delay 5G implementation within an approximate radius of two miles surrounding airport runways at specific locations identified by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Airlines indicate at least US 88 airports would have been impacted by delays had AT&T and Verizon not agreed to delay their rollouts.

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