Poison Specialist Fatally Poisons Pharmacist Wife

(ReliableNews.org) – On August 16, Mayo Clinic Pharmacist Betty Bowman went to a hospital in Rochester, Minnesota, complaining of stomach pains. According to the Associated Press, doctors admitted her for “severe gastrointestinal distress and dehydration.” At first, medical professionals thought she had food poisoning and treated her for that, but her condition didn’t get any better — it got worse. A few days later, she was dead. Now, her husband, former medical resident and poison specialist Connor Bowman, is sitting in a jail cell charged with her murder.

On October 24, the AP reported that Mr. Bowman attempted to stop the medical examiner from performing an autopsy on his deceased wife, claiming she had a rare illness, hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis, and should be immediately cremated. However, the medical examiner stopped the cremation, stating there were suspicious circumstances surrounding Mrs. Bowman’s death. In fact, the subsequent autopsy showed the woman died from colchicine poisoning. That medicine is reportedly used to treat gout — a condition Mrs. Bowman did not have.

After her death, investigators began looking into the matter. According to CBS News, they spoke to a man Mrs. Bowman was texting shortly before her death. He said the victim told him she was drinking with her husband and didn’t feel well the next day. That prompted police to look closely at Mr. Bowman, who apparently researched information about colchicine and sodium nitrate, inquired if internet browsing could be used in court, and researched whether or not the police could track deliveries. The suspect also reportedly converted his wife’s body weight to figure out the exact lethal dose of the substance that killed her — colchicine.

One of Betty Bowman’s friends said the victim was “healthy,” and the Bowmans were headed for divorce. She said the couple kept their money separate and claimed the suspect bragged to his friends he would get $500,000 in life insurance money. Police arrested Mr. Bowman for second-degree murder.

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