Police Latest Victim In Massive Attack

Police Latest Victim In Massive Attack

(ReliableNews.org) – Cybercriminals have targeted hospitals, government servers and private sector companies dealing with critical infrastructure for months. In some instances, their motives are financial, and in others, the goal was to infiltrate American databases to obtain sensitive information or to wreak economic havoc on the United States. The latest attack targeted US-based law enforcement in Illinois.

Illinois gun owners must obtain a Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) card to purchase or own a firearm and ammunition legally. On Friday, August 6, a spokesperson for the Illinois State Police (ISP) confirmed that hackers might have logged onto more than 2,000 FOID card accounts using stolen information. As a result, the ISP contacted everyone potentially impacted by the attack and issued new FOID cards.

An internal investigation determined the stolen personal information used for the hack didn’t come from its servers or online systems. The FOID system’s vendor also reviewed the hack, which found that no FOID had been fraudulently used by anyone. Similarly, no one attempted to use the hack to obtain an FOID card. The vendor also determined that the hack didn’t breach the system’s database.

The ongoing threat of ransomware attacks has risen dramatically, and the latest efforts to breach law enforcement databases are alarming since they frequently access “life-threatening” data. The Associated Press recently reported that attacks on law enforcement agencies had taken a “dark turn,” with hackers increasingly targeting their systems to demand and receive large ransoms.

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