Poll: Biden’s Approval Rating Continues to Sink

Poll: Biden's Approval Rating Continues to Sink

(ReliableNews.org) – President Joe Biden’s poll numbers have been sinking pretty consistently since the disastrous US withdrawal from Afghanistan last summer. The American people seemed to grow weary of the Democratic president’s leadership pretty early on and the trend is continuing as the country heads toward the midterm elections.

A new Grinnell College National Poll shows the president’s poll numbers are in dire straits. The poll, conducted from March 15 through March 20, shows only 34% of respondents believe he is doing a good job as president. The majority of people, 52%, disapprove and 14% said they aren’t sure.

The poll also found only 31% of those who responded approve of the way he is handling the economy and 37% think his handling of the Russian war against Ukraine has been okay.

The poll numbers come as Americans are gearing up for the midterm elections. Republicans are hoping to take back control of both the House and Senate. They’re already on a good path between the number of Democrats who are not running for reelection and the redistricting across the country, but Biden’s diving poll number definitely could help.

The party in the White House traditionally loses seats in the first midterm elections after the general election. Biden’s poll numbers show the American people aren’t happy with him and that could impact his party as well. After all, why would they want to send more people who support the unpopular president to Congress to pass agenda items on which they don’t agree?

Americans will head to the polls on November 8 to elect the next Congress.

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