Pope Francis Says It’s Time to Defend the Family Harder Than Ever

Pope Francis Says It's Time to Defend the Family Harder Than Ever

(ReliableNews.org) – COVID-19 has made it incredibly difficult to maintain healthy relationships with the people they love, but it’s not the only thing coming between families. In a recent address, Pope Francis urged people across the world to start defending their family units and doing more to protect them.

The Pope recently greeted pilgrims in Rome’s St. Peter’s Square to commemorate the Feast of the Holy Family (Jesus, Mary and Joseph) of Nazareth. During his address, he urged listeners to face the issues they may be having with their families.

He said if people want to protect their families they need to fight the “dictatorship of the ‘I’.” He went on to say people blame their families for their own mistakes. Furthermore, they are constantly looking at their phones, instead of giving their loved ones the attention they deserve.

Pope Francis said while people are sitting at dinner they are constantly fighting the same fights, with the same words, and leaving their families in silence with so much tension “you can cut [it] with a knife.” The world is “fixated on our own needs,” when they should focus on each other.

The Pope told worshippers this behavior is “horrible” and couples should “never go to bed without making peace.” He said the world needs to safeguard their families because they are “our treasure.”

What do you think? Are you going to put more focus on your family in the new year?

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