Preserving Religious Freedom in 2021

( – Almost two months after the 2020 presidential election, Americans aren’t sure who their next president is going to be. If President Donald Trump wins a second term it will be a great day for the country. Citizens won’t have to worry about their religious rights being stomped on. If Joe Biden manages to squeak out a win, that is an entirely different matter.

While Biden was running for president, he vowed to protect religious freedoms. The Left is asking the Democrat to scale back Trump’s religious freedom agenda if he takes office in January. Although his transition team has been mum, many conservatives worry about what he might do if he wins the seat. Before the election even took place they were sounding the alarm.

The Right is going to have to stand between Biden and the religious freedoms of millions of individuals. Conservatives must win the Senate in January if they want to stop the former vice president from implementing anti-First Amendment policies. That’s the way Republicans preserve the rights of Americans for future generations.

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