President Trump Calls For Congress To Redo COVID Bill

President Trump Calls For Congress To Redo COVID Bill

( – On December 22, after months of fighting, Congress finally passed a COVID-19 relief bill. Unfortunately, the legislative package wasn’t good enough and now President Donald Trump is telling lawmakers they need to do more or else.

The $900 billion package passed by Congress, but it was attached to a 5,593-page spending bill that will keep the government running. The part that deals with COVID-19 aid allocates money for a number of issues, including

  • $300 supplemental unemployment benefits for up to 11 weeks;
  • $600 direct payments to Americans who make less than $75,000 annually; and
  • $285 billion for the Paycheck Protection Program.

President Trump, however, said the bill doesn’t go far enough. In an address to the country, he called on lawmakers to provide Americans with $2,000 direct payments or $4,000 for couples. During his speech, he read off the massive amounts of money allocated for special interests and foreign countries tucked into the larger spending bill and basically said it was unacceptable.

If Congress doesn’t renegotiate the bill, the president has indicated he will veto it and the stimulus package will have to wait until 2021. Americans will understand his resistance to the bill once they read the details.

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