Trump Hints at Firing FBI Director Over Russia Probe Claims

President Trump Hints At Firing FBI Director Chris Wray Over Claims He Covered Up Misconduct In Russia Probe

( – Many people believe the FBI’s Russia investigation was complete fabrication. It was based on a debunked dossier from an ex-British spy, hearsay, and politicians who were looking for a way to embarrass Trump.

But now Trump is hitting back.

During an August 13 interview with Fox Business’ “Mornings with Maria,” President Donald Trump just hinted that he might fire sitting FBI Director Chris Wray over allegations that the official may have been withholding documents requested by Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Ron Johnson (R-WI). The senator’s committee is subpoenaing the FBI to investigate claims that they may have targeted Trump illegally. The president told host Maria Bartiromo that Wray has not been “forthcoming.”

Trump Hints at Firing Chris Wray

During the interview with Bartiromo, she asked Trump about the allegedly lying to the Senate in 2018 while Christopher Wray was overseeing the agency. The Fox Business host wanted to know if the president thinks Wray should step down. The president made it clear he’s not pleased with the way the director has handled the situation, pointing out there’s an election coming up.

Trump said Wray “certainly hasn’t been” forthcoming. The president explained he is going to see how the director “turns out” because there are documents the Senate wants to see and Wray has “been very, very protective” of the FBI.

Why is Wray protecting the very people who may have broken the law? Shouldn’t his only priority be getting to the bottom of this nonsense? Right now, the FBI hasn’t been the most trustworthy organization, and that’s a problem. This is an agency that’s supposed to bring some of the worst criminals in the country to justice, but they’re not even getting rid of their own bad apples. How is America supposed to trust them?

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