President Trump Says GSA Does Not Determine U.S. President

( – On Monday, November 23, Michigan certified its vote. Shortly after, General Services Administration (GSA) Administrator Emily Murphy sent Joe Biden a letter giving him permission to start his presidential transition. However, that doesn’t mean the fight is over for President Donald Trump.

After the announcement that the GSA is allowing the transition to move forward, the president announced he approved of the decision. Trump commended Murphy on the job she’s done, but reminded the American people that her administration doesn’t decide the presidency.

The president is correct. The decision by the GSA is specifically meant to ensure that if Biden is sworn in on January 20, he can hit the ground running. But the election isn’t over. On December 8, all of the states have to finish certifying their votes. Then their electors are sent to the Electoral College to formally vote. We will know officially who the next president is on December 14, after the Meeting of the Electors.

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