President Trump Shows Mercy to More Than 140 People

One of Donald Trump’s final acts as president of the United States was to grant clemency to 143 Americans. The White House released the list of names just after midnight on January 20.

According to the press release, Trump pardoned 73 people, including Steve Bannon and a doctor who discovered a new kidney disease.

Trump also issued sentence commutations for 70 others. Some of the names on the list include:

  • Jaime A. Davidson was sentenced to life in prison in 1993 for murder. All of the witnesses who testified at his trial later recanted and said he had “no involvement” in the crime.
  • Tena Logan was given 14 years for a non-violent drug offense.

The majority of the people pardoned by Trump were people recommended by advocates. It’s no surprise that the man who reformed our justice system with the First Step Act would give so many people a second chance. The country is a better place thanks to Donald Trump, and Americans will forever be grateful to him.

Thank you to our friends at United Voice for contributing this piece.