President Trump Urges Supporters To Vote In Georgia Runoff Elections

( – The results of the 2020 presidential election remain unclear. Continued control of the US Senate remains critical for Republicans, no matter the presidential race outcome. For that reason, President Donald Trump is urging Georgia Republicans to vote in the state’s January 5 runoff elections for the last two undecided Senate seats.

Some conservative news outlets like NewsMax reported last week that Trump supporters plan on boycotting Georgia’s runoffs due to concerns incumbent Republican Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue may be involved in alleged voter fraud in the state during the November 3 general election.

President Trump addressed those concerns in a November 27 tweet and urged his supporters to “get out” and support Loeffler and Perdue,

The president also talked about the Georgia runoffs during a Thanksgiving Day press conference, calling both Republican candidates “great senators” and promising to go to Georgia to help their campaigns.

The presidential election’s official outcome won’t be decided until the Electoral College casts its votes on December 14. In the meantime, Republicans are determined to retain control of the US Senate, doing everything they can to support Loeffler and Perdue’s campaigns.

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