President Trump’s Environmental Victory

( – The Trump administration revived one of the nation’s most potent environmental programs, elevating it to a level unheard of since 2001.

The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act authorized the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to coordinate the cleanup of massive contaminated sites.

Informally called Superfund, the program peaked in the 1980s with the EPA cleaning up landfills, along with former mining facilities and manufacturing sites.

In 2017, the Trump administration vowed to renew the program under the direction of former EPA head, Scott Pruitt. They promised to restore it to its “rightful place at the center” of the EPA’s “core mission.”

Citing the administration’s efforts to deregulate programs to reduce pollution, critics initially laughed at the plan. However, the Trump administration quickly proved them wrong.

In 2018, the EPA supervised the cleanup of 22 contaminated sites. In 2019, they cleaned up 27, the most they’ve done in a single year since 2001.

Under President Trump’s decisive leadership, the EPA proved they could reduce big government while focusing on specific environmental goals.

Don’t let anyone tell you Republicans don’t care about the environment.

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