Prince Harry Loses Police Security Lawsuit

( – Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan, lost their taxpayer-funded security when they stepped back as working royals. The prince sued to reverse the decision. Now, he has lost the case.

On February 28, Judge Peter Lane, who sits on the British High Court, ruled that the Executive Committee for the Protection of Royalty and Public Figures had not acted irrationally or unfairly when it downgraded Harry’s security. King Charles III’s son argued that it was not safe for him to travel back to Britain with his family without a higher level of security. He has pointed to far-right extremism as the reason.

When the government decided to pull his security, they decided he could have it at times when he attended certain events. If he travels home, he has to hire private security to keep him safe. He argued that was inadequate because those security guards are not allowed to jump red traffic lights or arm themselves.

The prince also contended that even though he stepped back from royal duties, he’s still a member of the royal family. Currently, he is fifth in the line to the throne, and his children are also in the line of succession.

The prince has also sued the government to allow him to hire off-duty police officers when he goes home for a visit and pay for them himself. His request was denied.

Harry and Meghan were in the spotlight in the US last year after the couple claimed paparazzi endangered their lives in New York City. Photographers reportedly chased the couple and Meghan’s mother through the city. Allegations surfaced that they’d made it all up.

During the trial in the UK, the prince submitted a letter from the New York Police Department that stated an investigation found the paparazzi had, in fact, put them in danger.

Harry’s team told Newsweek that they intend to appeal the judgment.

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