Progressive Liberal Hypocrisy: Impeach Trump for NOT Doing What Obama Actually DID

The Liberals are at it again, scheming up ways to impeach Trump. They’re grasping at straws, and more obviously, turning themselves into progressive Liberal hypocrites in the process. Now, some Democrats want to hold the President responsible for refusing to follow in Obama’s footsteps. We’re talking about accusations of campaign finance regulations and the Left’s rapid assumption that Cohen’s plea deal proves Trump is guilty.

When Michael Cohen’s plea deal was released in late 2018, the Left essentially celebrated. Surely this deal was proof that President Trump violated campaign finance regulations!

No politician had ever done this before, so they all figured it must be an impeachable offense. Makes sense right? Well…Not so much.

Cohen’s plea deal doesn’t prove that Trump violated campaign finance regulations. Even if it was a campaign finance violation, the Left only wants it to be an impeachable offense because they don’t like the current president. Obama’s campaign had to pay $375,00 in fines because of campaign violations. Of course, Liberals ignored it and waved it away at the time, proving that (once again) the Left will do anything to take down Trump – even lie.

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