Psaki Pressed for Truth on Biden’s COVID Mismanagement

Psaki Pressed for Truth on Biden's COVID Mismanagement

( – Joe Biden promised to bring a swift end to the COVID-19 pandemic while campaigning for president. Yet, nearly a year after his inauguration, the nation faces some of its highest infection rates. Fox News White House reporter Peter Doocy cornered Press Secretary Jen Psaki about the administration’s mismanagement of the crisis during her January 10 press briefing.

Doocy began by noting he took Biden’s suggestion and Googled “COVID test near me.” To his dismay, he discovered a backlog for appointments “everywhere.” He quickly followed up by asking Psaki to explain why the administration remained “so unprepared” to facilitate testing in the wake of the holiday season.

As one might expect, Psaki immediately went on the defensive, saying the country was experiencing an “unprecedented demand” for tests. Doocy tried to ask a follow-up question, and she snapped at him, asking if she could make one more point.

Psaki eventually calmed down, and Doocy asked why Biden kept referring to the nation’s health crisis as a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” considering people who have received three vaccinations continue getting infected.

Clearly flustered, Psaki responded by citing statistics regarding hospitalizations and deaths without providing a source. She also failed to answer his question, preferring to use double-speak to avoid his cutting inquiry.

Perhaps it’s time the administration starts owning its failures and work on finding solutions instead of excuses for Biden’s mismanagement of the pandemic.

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