Public Not at All Sad to See Chris Wallace Leave Fox for CNN

Public Not at All Sad to See Chris Wallace Leave Fox for CNN

( – Longtime Fox News host Chris Wallace abruptly announced his departure from the network at the end of the December 12 airing of Fox News Sunday. Shortly afterward, CNN Communications posted a statement revealing that Wallace would host an upcoming weekday show on its new streaming service starting in 2022. As one might imagine, the public didn’t appear saddened by the news.

Sunday afternoon, a multitude of people hit their Twitter accounts to voice their opinion about Wallace’s departure. The hashtag #GoodRiddance trended for several hours, bolstered by the participation of several well-known conservative voices.

For instance, noted author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza mocked Wallace for his fake gravitas and serious expression.

Likewise, high profile defense attorney and former Trump campaign surrogate David Wohl posted a tweet affirming his belief that Wallace is going where he belonged all along, the Democratic National Committee’s “fake news propaganda wing.”

He also suggested that Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto and host Bret Baier join Wallace at his new job.

A few good political cartoons made their way onto Twitter, too, like the one below mocking Wallace’s job as moderator for one of the presidential debates between former President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

What about you? Are you happy that Wallace left Fox News?

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