Public Schools Lost 2 Million Students Post-Pandemic

Public Schools Lost 2 Million Students Post-Pandemic

Dropout Disaster – MILLIONS Of Students Lost

( – The COVID-19 pandemic killed more than one million people in the US. While very few children passed away, they were very much impacted by the lockdown measures put in place the first year. According to new data, the pandemic, combined with other issues, has impacted public schools in a surprising way.

Education Next published a study about the trends between 2020 and 2022. According to their findings, public school enrollment was down by almost 2 million students. Parents are moving their kids to charter or private schools, and even teaching them at home.

Charter school enrollment increased 7% in 2022, up from 5% previously. Those teaching at home also increased to 7% from 6%. And finally, private school admissions went up 10%. Despite the drop in public school enrollments, there “is no indication of a wholesale abandonment of traditional” educational institutions.

While many students’ parents chose alternative education, the survey also found they aren’t as concerned about public schools as they were in the past. The report indicated it might have something to do with relaxed COVID-19 restrictions. Only 11% of schools required kids to wear face coverings in 2022 compared to 80% from the previous year.

According to the organization, many of the issues parents are having with their children’s education are partisan. For example, Republicans who send their kids to school in blue states report being unhappy with the way teachers are talking about race issues. Meanwhile, Democrats in red states feel the same way about other issues.

Have you taken your kids out of public school? If so, why did you choose an alternative method?

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