Putin Intensifies Blame Against Western Nations — “Pure Satanism”

Putin Slams Western Nations During Kremlin Ceremony

Putin Slams Western Nations During Kremlin Ceremony

(ReliableNews.org) – Russian President Vladimir Putin hasn’t had the best of times in the last few weeks. His military has taken heavy losses on the battlefield, he has threatened nuclear war, and his citizens are fleeing the country to try to escape a draft. Recently at a Kremlin ceremony, the authoritarian lashed out at the West.

On September 30, Putin spoke to his people, saying, “The dictatorship of the Western elites targets all societies.” He went on to claim there is an “overthrow of faith and traditional values” and it’s “pure Satanism.”

During Putin’s tirade, he also denounced the Allied aerial assaults on German cities during WWII when Adolf Hitler was murdering millions, including Russians. He attacked transgender rights, the “American elite,” and media in Western nations.

Putin claimed the US and its allies are attempting to weaken Russia. He thinks Ukraine is just a pawn in the plan by the Western nations. Of course, neither the US nor its European allies got involved in the dispute between Russia and Ukraine until Putin ordered his military to invade the latter.

The Russian leader’s rage-filled rant comes as it seems less likely he will meet the objectives set in the war. Estimates put his casualties at upward of 80,000, and Ukraine has been retaking large swaths of its territories. And as he becomes more frustrated, it has some wondering what he might do next.

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