Putin Offers Russia’s Most Advanced Weapons to Allied Nations

Putin Offers Russia's Most Advanced Weapons to Allied Nations

Putin Expands GLOBAL War Front With Latest Announcement

(ReliableNews.org) – Russia’s leader has found a new way to hit back against western sanctions. President Vladimir Putin is now threatening to sell Russia’s most advanced weapons to anyone who wants them — including countries hostile to the US. The question is, considering how Russia’s weapons are performing in Ukraine, will anyone want them?

Speaking at the opening of Moscow’s Army-2022 arms fair on August 15, Putin announced Russia “is ready to offer its partners and allies the most modern types of weapons.” He specifically named countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America as potential markets, and added he’s willing to sell armored vehicles, warplanes, and drones. Former DIA Intelligence officer Rebekah Koffler says Putin is trying to create “his own version of the Monroe Doctrine” to spread Russian influence.

Koffler pointed out Putin has been pushing for closer links with Cuba and Venezuela, which already use Russian weapons. Cuba was heavily armed by the USSR after the 1953 communist revolution. Venezuela has historically used US and European weapons, but since 1998, under far-left leader Hugo Chávez and his successor Nicolas Maduro, Russia and China have been suppliers instead. By expanding sales to these countries, Putin opens up the possibility of establishing Russian military bases inside the US sphere of influence.

Of course, exporting weapons depends on finding customers who want them. Russian weapons are usually cheaper than their western equivalents — but the war in Ukraine is showing us why they’re cheaper. Will Russia’s often unreliable war machines be tempting enough to win Putin new friends?

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