Putin Threatens to Bombard Any Nation That Tries to Stop Him

Putin Threatens to Bombard Any Nation That Tries to Stop Him

Putin Makes An Eerie Threat To Any Nation Who Dares To Stand In His Way

(ReliableNews.org) – Ever since Russian President Vladimir Putin sent his troops to invade Ukraine in late February, most of the world joined together to support Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s nation — despite threats to stop. On April 27, Putin once again told Western nations to mind their own business and not interfere in the war. He said any nation that doesn’t listen would experience retaliation at “lightning speed,” which many believe was a reference to the possibility of him deploying hypersonic missiles against Ukrainian helpers.

Threats From Russia

This instance isn’t the first time the Russian leader threatened nations helping Ukraine. He’s brought up the use of nuclear weapons more than once, putting his nuclear forces on high alert in March and warning everyone not to intervene or pay the price. At the time, Putin insisted Ukraine was developing nuclear weapons, perhaps to set the stage for using them himself.

However, the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency stated there was no evidence Ukraine was doing anything of the sort. Ukrainian foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba stated Russia was simply trying to frighten the world by threatening to use nuclear weapons because he’s afraid he will lose the war.

Putin insists his words are not simply rhetoric. He stated if outsiders continue to intervene in his war, Russia has the “tools to do this,” and he won’t announce it, he’ll just attack. His most recent threat comes on the heels of the country’s hypersonic missile launch in March. His new weapon reportedly can fly virtually under the radar and faster than the speed of sound, and it has nuclear bomb-carrying capabilities.

Russian Strategy and the West

Putin’s ultimate strategy is what’s known as irregular warfare, which is a way for a country to spread its influence beyond its borders and strengthen its position in the world while weakening any and all enemies. Regardless of whether or not Putin plans to make good on his threats, NATO nations and others are still supporting Ukraine as they ready themselves for a second offensive in the war. These attacks are expected to be especially brutal in the eastern and southern parts of Ukraine.

Russia still claims it’s ridding Nazis from parts of Ukraine with a “special military operation,” insisting they will complete the mission. Western nations recently announced they would like to see Putin fail and weaken Russia to such a state that it won’t have the capacity to try this type of offensive in the future.

Putin may still posture and threaten places like the US and UK, but his words have done little to slow their support of Ukraine. President Joe Biden still insists the United States will not send troops into the nation but will support Ukraine in other ways and continue to apply sanctions to weaken and deter Russia from further attacks.

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