Rand Paul Points Out That Most Violence Has Been Anti-Trump, Not By Trump Supporters

(ReliableNews.org) – Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) blasted media coverage of violent acts committed against Trump supporters in Washington, DC, in the wake of the hotly contested November 3 presidential election. He also discussed the coverage he and his wife received when an “angry mob” surrounded them blocks from the White House as they departed the Republican National Convention earlier this year.

Sen. Paul told Fox host Neil Cavuto most of the violence has been “anti-Trump,” during a November 17 interview. It wasn’t the result of any actions on the part of supporters of the president. It’s individuals on the left committing violent acts against “peaceful” people gathering to support President Trump.

He also tore into mainstream media organizations like the Associated Press, stating their coverage of the protests was confusing at best. Continuing, he said they randomly associated violent acts with Trump rallies and not with the responsible parties.

The same thing happened when a mob surrounded him and his wife back in August as they returned to their hotel room from the Republican Convention. The Associated Press coverage of the incident was “abominable… completely biased,” he explained.

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