Rand Paul Says a Great Deal of Evidence Found of Election Fraud

(ReliableNews.org) – With the passage of less than a week since the presidential inauguration ceremony, questions still surround the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and other Republicans voted to certify the Electoral College ballots on January 6, 2021, because, as Paul explained this weekend, it would have been “wrong” for Congress to overturn the results of the election.

However, Paul asserted during a January 22 interview with ABC News host George Stephanopoulos that a “great deal of evidence” of election fraud existed, which merited an in-depth investigation.

Stephanopoulos attempted to shut him down, stating that numerous courts already struck down election-related cases. However, as the Kentucky senator explained, judges dismissed most of those cases on procedural grounds without examining the underlying facts of the lawsuits.


Sen. Paul continued to explain that it’s a problem when 75% of Republicans want increased confidence in the legitimacy of future elections. The only way to accomplish that feat is to conduct a thorough investigation regarding the integrity of the 2020 election. He also accused Stephanopoulos of inserting himself into the news.

It’s high time the mainstream media observed basic journalistic standards and presented the news fairly and impartially.

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