Rare Orange Lobster Almost Served As a Meal in Arizona Donated to Aquarium

Rare Orange Lobster Almost Served As Meal in Arizona Donated to Aquarium

(ReliableNews.org) – It’s not uncommon to hear of rare animal sightings in the wild. They even happen occasionally within populated areas. However, one doesn’t typically find an endangered species at a local seafood eatery. Yet, that’s what happened at a chic Arizona restaurant. 

Kitchen workers at a Nobu restaurant noticed that one of its lobsters stood out from the others with its pumpkin-orange coloring after receiving a shipment of the delicious crustaceans earlier this summer. Executive Chef Carl Murray told reporters he suggested contacting the local aquarium to “see what we have.”

As it turned out, the lobster was an endangered species. Dave Peranteau, the OdySea Aquarium’s animal care director, told local reporters that the chance of finding an orange lobster in the wild was about 1-in-30 million.

The restaurant donated the lobster to the aquarium upon discovering the news. Peranteau said the OdySea was “really fortunate” to have the rare species in its collection of aquatic animals.

The story gets even better, at least for the lobster. Orange lobsters typically survive longer in captivity than they do in the wild. Their bright-colored shells make them an obvious target for predatory marine life compared to other varieties that blend in with their surroundings.

Hopefully, this lucky lobster lives long and prospers. 

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