“Recall Newsom”: The Golden State’s Recall Election

(ReliableNews.org) – On September 14, California voters will head to the polls to decide whether to recall Governor Gavin Newsom. The Democrat has had a bumpy road over the last two years, and many residents are angry. As the big day approaches, it’s clear anything can happen.

Why is Newsom Facing a Recall?

In February 2020, the California Patriot Coalition began circulating a petition to recall the governor. Although many news outlets have said the recall resulted from the COVID-19 lockdowns, that’s actually not why it started. The organization was upset with the governor’s policies, including taxes, immigration, wildfires, and other issues.

Newsom, who took office in January 2019, had faced five other recall petitions prior to the current effort. However, none of those were successful, but this time is different. Both Republicans and Democrats are running against him.


Wildfires have been an issue in California for years. However, there’s no denying they’ve gotten worse. One of the biggest contributing factors is PG&E, the electric company that services most of the state. The company’s faulty equipment is to blame for burning hundreds of thousands of acres of land and killing dozens of people. Although the company has pleaded guilty to more than 80 counts of manslaughter in the past, Newsom has failed to hold it accountable.

Worse, investigations allege the governor has tried to protect the company, which has donated heavily to his campaign. His office reportedly helped craft a law that provides financial protection for PG&E.

COVID-19 Factors

Although the pandemic didn’t kick off the recall effort, it absolutely factored in later. Newsom implemented some of the most draconian lockdowns in the country. Residents weren’t allowed to go to church, hair salons, or the gym.

The state’s farmworkers, mostly migrants, didn’t get the same level of attention as other communities. As a result, COVID-19 spread through farming communities, making workers ill and killing many.

Meanwhile, as the governor forced residents to comply with the measures he put in place, he was caught breaking his own rules multiple times.

Tuesday’s Election

Political pundits believe the governor is in a good position to hold his office. However, polling has been so mixed it’s hard to know what to think. It’s all going to come down to overall ballot turn out. At least 50% of voters must choose “yes” or “no” for the first question on the ballot about whether they want to recall Newsom.

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