Relatives of Boeing Crash Victims Demand Justice

Relatives of Boeing Crash Victims Demand Justice

( – In January, the Justice Department announced a $2.5 billion settlement agreement with Boeing related to its two 737 MAX crashes. The federal government added a deferred prosecution clause to the settlement, essentially protecting the company from criminal prosecution. Families of the victims of the crash are now suing.

15 families on Thursday filed a lawsuit against the Justice Department accusing the federal agency of lying and violating their rights when it made the agreement with Boeing. The plaintiffs say the government “chose to deliberately conceal its investigation” and secretly negotiate with the company. They are asking a federal judge to rescind the immunity from the company and force the government to hand over documents related to its probe.

The plane crashes occurred in Indonesia in 2018 and Ethiopia in 2019. A total of 346 people died in the accidents. The DOJ accused the company of lying to the Federal Aviation Administration about a new flight-control system that activated during the flights forcing the planes into a nosedive the pilots were unable to correct.

In addition to the 15 families that filed the suit, dozens of others signed on to support the action. The DOJ said it’s reviewing the case and had no comment on the matter. Boeing also refused to respond to questions from the press.

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