Renowned Podcaster Dies in Police Standoff

( – The producers of the hit podcast “Serial” released “S-Town” in 2017. The podcasters investigated a murder in Woodstock, Alabama. The show chronicled the lives of several people in the rural Southern community. One of the key figures in the podcast was recently killed after a police standoff.

On December 3, police responded to a call at a home in Woodstock. They found 32-year-old Tyler Goodson barricaded in the home. According to the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, a standoff between the police and Goodson began. Several agencies responded to the scene, and at one point, the suspect brandished a gun at the law enforcement officers.

Officers fired their weapons at Goodson, hitting him. First responders rushed him to the hospital, but Bibb County Coroner Patrick Turner said he was pronounced “brain dead.” published a statement from Woodstock Mayor Jeff Dodson expressing sadness over Goodson’s death. He explained that police spent three hours trying to talk the man down. The mayor said he woke up to the news of the police shooting and had several media organizations asking him to release the suspect’s name. He said that he was “devastated” to inform them that Goodson was the man who died.

Goodson was featured on “S-Town” as one of the central people on the show. He had a father-son relationship with John B. McLemore, the main focus of the series. Originally, host Brian Reed was supposed to investigate a murder, but the direction of the show changed when McLemore, a restorer of antique clocks, died. In the podcast, Goodson said he was supposed to inherit McLemore’s land and get guardianship of his mother, Mary Grace, but things changed.

Eventually, police arrested Goodson after he repeatedly went onto McLemore’s property, trespassing. He took several items that he said were his. In 2017, Goodson pleaded guilty to third-degree theft of property, third-degree burglary, and third-degree criminal trespassing. He was sentenced to five years probation and received a 10-year suspended prison sentence.

Mayor Dodson said Goodson “was well known and loved by [himself], his family, and [the] community.” He asked everyone to remember he was more than a podcast character; he was also a “father, son, brother, and friend to many.”

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