REPORT: Biden Planning To Cripple Cops Nationwide In Name Of “Black Lives Matter”

( – Apparently, it’s not bad enough that several of the nation’s Democratic-led cities find themselves in ruin after months of “peaceful protests” turned violent protests at the hands of Black Lives Matter activists in the wake of George Floyd’s death while in police custody. It seems Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden plans to limit law enforcement agencies’ ability to perform their jobs on a nationwide scale.

The official Biden plan for “Strengthening America’s Commitment to Justice” looks more like an all-out assault on America’s police than a plan for justice reform. For instance, it calls for the reinstatement of Obama-era consent decrees, which gave the Department of Justice a blank check to interfere in the nation’s police departments and prosecutors’ offices.

Additionally, his plan calls for creating an “independent task force” aimed at meddling with prosecutorial discretion at the local level, a protection provided to prosecutors, judges, and legislators by the US Constitution. Likewise, Biden plans to invest in public defenders’ offices, potentially skewing criminal proceedings in their favor.

Elections do have consequences, and with any luck, President Donald Trump wins the final ballot count in this year’s presidential election. Otherwise, Black Lives Matter activists may enjoy a never-ending celebration for the next four years.

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