REPORT: Biden’s Team Picks Have Very Disturbing Connections To Wall Street

( – President Donald Trump spent the last four years draining the swamp that consumed Washington, DC during Barack Obama’s eight years in office. Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden has spent the last few weeks announcing senior administration officials’ appointments since self-declaring himself the winner of the presidential election on November 7.

The Democratic party has fallen into chaos, with the party’s progressive/socialist wing submitting a list of 400+ senior-level appointees to Biden’s transition team. However, Biden appears to be ignoring their recommendations, instead opting to select individuals with strong connections to Wall Street and other corporate interests.

For example, Biden’s pick for secretary of state ran a political strategy company that worked alongside several Fortune 100 companies. Likewise, his choice for COVID-19 coordinator served as the CEO of a powerful investment firm. Other appointees worked for Wall Street investment giant Goldman Sachs, BlackRock Investments, and other powerful investment management corporations.

With the possibility of a Biden win looming on the horizon, it’s critical Republicans score at least one win in Georgia’s upcoming Senate runoffs, scheduled for January 5. Registered voters in the state can contact their Country Registrar’s Office if they have any questions. Early voting begins on Monday, December 14.

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