Report Claims Pfizer is Blackmailing Small Countries

Report Claims Pfizer is Blackmailing Small Countries

( – The COVID-19 vaccine is plentiful in the US. Tens of millions of people have already received at least one of the Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson shots. Although Americans can access it easily, people in smaller nations can’t say the same. A new report claims Pfizer is using shady tactics to maximize company profits.

On October 19, Public Citizen, a non-profit consumer advocacy organization, published a report titled “Pfizer’s Power.” After an accusation the pharmaceutical company was bullying governments in February, the organization says it “identified several unredacted Pfizer contracts” that detailed how the negotiations with those nations went. Public Citizen alleges the documents show the company throttled supply, forced governments to remain silent, shifted risk and maximized profits during the “worst public health crisis in a century.”

The report mentioned complaints by Brazil in January. The country alleged Pfizer insisted on “unfair and abusive” contract terms, including waiving penalties on the company if its vaccine deliveries were late, denying vaccine donations from other countries, and asking the country to waive its sovereign immunity. Eventually, the Brazilian government gave into the company’s demands to get the vaccine into its citizens’ arms.

The Public Citizen report doesn’t just blame Pfizer for its business practices. It alleges larger countries, like the United States, are also to blame because they allow the pharma company to hold a monopoly. The watchdog says larger countries could force the company to hand over its vaccine recipe so smaller nations could make it for less money. However, no developed nation has indicated it has any plan to do that.

What do you think after reading the bombshell report? Should Pfizer be forced to change its business practices?

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