REPORT: Iran Will Increase Oil Production Only If Biden Does What They Want

( – Iran is seemingly becoming increasingly more belligerent and radical. On December 2, its parliament moved to increase uranium enrichment and stop UN inspectors from gaining access to the country. Now, it’s looking to increase oil production if Joe Biden wins the US election.

On Sunday, December 5, Reuters reported President Hassan Rouhani the country will increase its oil production in the next three months. The country is banking on the possibility of Biden easing President Donald Trump’s sanctions if he takes office in January. 

Biden has said he would be willing to re-enter the nuclear agreement with Iran if he wins the presidential election. That includes lifting the economic sanctions on the country if the hostile government is in “strict compliance with the nuclear deal.” 

This is exactly the kind of situation President Trump warned about during the presidential campaign. Biden is going to return to the failed policies of former President Barack Obama.

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