Republican Announces What GOP’s First Concern Should Be

( – Lin Wood is a noted attorney and candidate to head South Carolina’s GOP. On Tuesday, April 20, he discussed America’s political future in a wide-ranging interview aired on One America News Network Television (OANN). Wood shared his thoughts on what he considers to be the Republican Party’s number one concern moving forward.

But his concern is not limited to the GOP, it’s also America’s number one issue — the integrity of future elections. Wood told OANN’s Christina Bobb that America “did not have an honest election in 2020.” If America wants to remain a country governed by the rule of law, “we got to have honest elections.”


Wood is correct. Questions still surround the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election. Arizona Republican Senators kicked off an official recount and forensic audit of the election in Maricopa Country this week. Election officials in other states are conducting similar audits, and 47 state legislatures are currently considering new laws to prevent future election tampering.

As Wood told OANN, America “needs to fix its election system.” The future of America depends on it.

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