Republican Calls for Election Investigation

( – More than six months after the presidential election, there are still many questions about fraud. In 2016 former President Donald Trump won Wisconsin by 0.77%. He hoped to win it again in 2020, but Joe Biden unexpectedly took the lead. One of the top Republicans in the state is now calling for an investigation.

On May 26, State Assembly Speaker Robin Vos told The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that he’s opening a probe. He has tapped an attorney and three former law enforcement officers to lead the investigation into the election. 

Vos said that although he believes Biden won and isn’t trying to change the outcome of the race, he wants to resolve questions Republicans raised in court. For example, how’d the largest cities in the state use $6 million in grants to pay a private organization to run their elections? He wants to know, “Is there a whole lot of smoke or is there actual fire?” 

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