Republican Governor Signs Anti-Riot Bill

( – Black Lives Matter activists and Antifa members have terrorized the nation for nearly a year over the death of George Floyd. With Derek Chauvin’s April 20 conviction for Floyd’s murder comes a heightened risk of continued racial unrest. Florida legislators recently decided that enough is enough, and they’ve taken matters into their own hands!

Florida’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis signed the state’s new “anti-riot” bill into law on Monday. DeSantis spoke out about the bill during a press conference held at the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. While he was surrounded by Florida legislators and law enforcement officers, he called the law the “strongest anti-rioting, pro-law enforcement” legislation on the books in the country.

Florida now has a zero tolerance policy for violent and disorderly assemblies. The state is “taking an unapologetic stand for the rule of law and public safety,” he stated. With this new law in place, Florida will protect its citizens from the “chaos of mob violence.”

DeSantis concluded his remarks promising to end the “intimidation tactics of the radical Left.” With any luck, other states will take notice of Florida’s response to rioters and looters and enact similar laws to protect their law-abiding citizens.

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