Republican Group Seeks to BLOCK Facebook CEO From Giving Election Grants

( – On September 1, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, announced they gave $300 million to two groups that are promoting secure elections during the COVID-19 pandemic. The organizations then provide grants to states for election security. However, Republicans argue the grants are disproportionately helping Democrats and now they are suing.

On September 24, conservative groups in four swing states — Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota — filed lawsuits to block the grants. The groups, led by the Thomas More Society believe the grants violate election law.

Erick G. Kaardal, an attorney with the organization said the funding could lead to groups of billionaires owning different cities. The Center for Tech and Civic Life, one of the organizations that received Zuckerberg’s money, called the lawsuits “baseless.”

Big Tech companies, like Facebook, have been meddling in the election for months by censoring conservatives on their platforms. Now, Zuckerberg is flooding the process with cash and becoming even more involved. Should a Liberal billionaire really have this much power?

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