Republicans Block Democrats’ Attempt to Raise Debt Ceiling

Schumer Prepared To Pass Debt-Ceiling Government Funding Bill

( – Republican lawmakers have been telling Democrats for months that they will not vote to increase the debt ceiling. On Monday, September 27, conservative senators made good on their promise by blocking the left’s bill.

Not a single Republican voted for the Democratic Party’s bill to fund the government and suspend the debt ceiling. The latter is the limit on the amount of money the Treasury Department can borrow in order to pay its debts, not new spending.

The debt ceiling went back into effect on August 1 after being suspended three times during former President Donald Trump’s administration in order to pay for his policies. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said the GOP will not provide votes to raise the debt limit but will allow a short-term government funding bill to go through.

In order to have passed on Monday, Democrats needed 60 votes. The final vote count was 50-48, leading to its demise.

Lawmakers now need to pass a funding bill by September 30, or the government will shut down. Democrats say they will avoid a shutdown while they are in charge. However, if they continue to insist on suspending the debt ceiling, they might not be able to prevent it.

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