Republicans Continue to Push Back Against Plans to Axe Filibuster

( – The US Senate is considered by many to be the world’s greatest deliberative body. The filibuster is a long-standing Senate practice helping it maintain that position by balancing out power between rival parties. The filibuster effectively requires a supermajority of 60 votes to advance a measure instead of a simple majority of 51.

Democrats are frustrated by their inability to force President Biden’s agenda through the Senate and continue their efforts to either eliminate or alter the use of the filibuster. In a stunning display of hypocrisy, 39 of the 45 Democratic senators that pushed to change the filibuster defended its use to stall Senate measures when Republicans controlled the chamber during the Trump administration.

Senate Minority Whip John Thune (R-SD) is one of the Republicans leading the charge to push back on the Democrat’s move to alter or eliminate the filibuster. He cautioned Democrats that “blowing up the filibuster” to fulfill short-term goals would “backfire and create” long-term problems for the country and ultimately for whichever party pushed to remove it.

Democrats’ flagrant attempt to avoid bipartisan talks by getting rid of the filibuster runs counter to Biden’s promise to work across the aisle with Republicans. The Constitution and the filibuster are tools designed to combat this kind of partisanship. Is it really too much to ask for a little consistency?

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