Republicans Continue To Take the Lead in Latest Polling

Republicans Continue To Take the Lead in Latest Polling

Democrats Continue To Lose Support From Voters — Historic Realignment

( – Last year, Democrats were shocked when Republican Glenn Youngkin won his gubernatorial race in Virginia based on an education platform. Since then, conservatives around the country have taken steps to protect children in schools. It looks like the American people trust them to take the reins.

In May, the American Federation of Teachers contracted Hart Research Associates to conduct a poll in battleground states. Pollsters interviewed 1,758 likely voters and found 39% of them reported they had more confidence in the Republican Party when it comes to education, compared to 38% who believed Democrats are better. Although the difference was slight, it does show the GOP’s strategy is working.

Fifty percent of respondents also said they weren’t happy with the amount of input they have in what is being taught to their kids. Additionally, 60% do not like the way racial issues are discussed in schools. Of the people polled, 58% disagree with the way teachers handle gender ideology and sexual preference.

What does this mean moving forward? If the polling is correct, it could bode well for the GOP in the midterms. The Right is already in good shape, only needing five seats to take back control of the House and one to win the Senate. If parents are motivated to get out and vote for conservative-backed candidates in both state, federal, and local elections, then it could be smooth sailing for the Republican Party.

Of course, for now, it’s all speculation. If there’s anything America has learned in recent years, it’s that elections can be unpredictable.

Who do you trust with your children’s education?

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