Republicans Could Face Division

Republicans Could Face Division

( – One of the biggest weaknesses the Democratic party has right now is its lack of unity. Essentially everything about how the DNC 2020 presidential primaries played out so far shows just what can happen with a party becomes severely fractured. The Republican party could be facing a similar threat.

A new movement, Republican Voters Against Trump (RVAT), is attempting to do just that: pull voters away from President Donald Trump. However, those votes aren’t going to a different Republican candidate. They’re going to be funneled over to Joe Biden (or whoever the DNC officially nominates.)

Wait, what is going on?

The movement, arguably, started in August 2016 when 50 senior Republican national security officials protested against Trump. They all signed a letter claiming the new president is a national security threat. There’s plenty of contrary evidence to this point, but this either didn’t matter back then or Trump hadn’t “proved himself” to them yet.

It seems like the president could never prove himself in their eyes, though.

The collection of conservatives leading the RVAT charge is filled with former Trump cabinet officials and aides to other Republican presidents (especially George W. Bush). Their bias against Trump is obvious and it’s at least a little amusing. On its front page, the following quote is clear for all to see, “I’d vote for a tuna fish sandwich before I’d vote for Donald Trump again.”

RVAT coalesced around the vision of Sarah Longwell (lifelong Republican), Bill Kristol (a conservative writer), and Tim Miller (former aide for former Florida Governor Jeb Bush).

What’s the Game Plan?

As stated above, RVAT’s goal is to get Biden into office as a sort of “gotcha” to Trump. The organization will be spending $10 million on digital and TV ads to try and sway voters. It hopes personal stories from conservative voices will turn Trump fans into Biden fans.

With a $10 million budget, it sure seems like these ads are fairly low quality. RVAC spent 3 years compiling about 100 testimonial videos, many of which were recorded on smartphones.

Their logic? There weren’t enough personal testimonials in 2016 to prevent Trump from being elected.

The target demographic for these ads is mostly white voters with college educations. These ads will air during the summer in swing states including Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida, North Carolina and Arizona.

While money isn’t everything, RVAT’s $10 million pales in comparison to the Trump campaign’s hundreds of millions. At the end of the day, this new summer-long ad campaign may do little, if anything, to keep Trump from winning reelection. However, big problems start small, and this could be a big problem for the Republican party later down the line if this isn’t addressed.

The dangers of a party fracture, like the Democrats are experiencing, cannot be understated. Every Republican should learn from the Democratic party’s mistakes so they don’t repeat the past.

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