Republicans Fight Back Against Biden Spending Bill

( – President Joe Biden has been in office for just over two months and he’s already signed one massive $1.9 trillion spending bill. Now he is hoping to double that. This time, however, he wants to also raise taxes on the country’s job creators during a pandemic.

Republicans are signaling that they are not going to go along with it.

Infrastructure Bill

On Wednesday, March 31, Biden unveiled a $2-trillion infrastructure plan. He wants to invest roughly $100 billion into clean energy, $100 billion in new school construction, and upgrade the country’s high-speed internet system, all from that money. The plan would invest $174 billion in electric cars but only $115 billion in the bridges and roads around the country that need to be built or repaired.

Biden’s bill would put more than $600 billion into home and community care for the elderly as well as affordable housing. Another $25 billion would pay for child care facilities, while $18 billion would be put towards veterans’ hospitals. Those are just some of the items the president wants to fund with the money. But these are not infrastructure projects.

Tax Increases

The Biden administration hopes to pay for all of that with tax increases. The president wants to roll back the 2017 Donald Trump tax bill provision that lowered the corporate tax rate to 21% and raise it to 28%. He wants to do that even though watchdogs have said it will shrink the economy and cost jobs, both of which we do not need during a public health crisis that has already hurt the working class.

Republicans Respond

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) told reporters that the infrastructure bill will not “get support” from the GOP. He said he is going to fight the Democratic Party “every step of the way” because he believes that is not what the country needs.

Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) told the press that he believes that an infrastructure plan could be done in a bipartisan manner, but Biden and the Left will fight against that idea. The senator said Biden’s plan “redefines infrastructure to include” billions for other priorities like healthcare.

As of now, the proposal is unlikely to receive the 60 votes it would need to overcome a filibuster. There is some talk that the Left is hoping to use budget reconciliation to pass it, allowing them to push it through with a simple majority vote.

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