Republicans Request Forensic Audit for Election Fraud

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( – “Former President Donald Trump carried Texas in the 2020 election,” as expected. Voters in the state overwhelmingly cast their ballots for him despite the Left’s efforts to turn the state blue. That’s not stopping Republicans from ensuring the election was free of fraud.

On July 19, GOP state Rep. Steve Toth introduced the Texas Voter Confidence Act. The legislation seeks a forensic audit of the largest counties in the state to make sure lawmakers find any instances of fraud. The audit would focus on the 13 counties in the state that have populations over 415,000. Like the audit in Maricopa County, Arizona, an independent agency would conduct it.

In a statement on Woodlandsonline, a community website, Toth said he believes a forensic audit is necessary to “uncover all the voter fraud” and answer questions Texans have about the election. He explained Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office has prosecuted 500 cases of election fraud (not all are related to 2020) and is still investigating 400 more.

Toth’s legislation calls for the audit to begin by November 1 and end by February 1, 2022. That would give legislators plenty of time to address issues before the midterm elections next year. The legislation could take effect immediately if two-thirds of the legislature approves it. Currently, Democrats are hiding in Washington, DC to stop other election security bills from passing and that’s holding up votes on a number of important issues.

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