Republicans Warn Dems to Have Complete Control With New Bill

( – The events of January 6 on Capitol Hill have been repeatedly condemned by Republicans. On the day that it happened, GOP lawmakers called for the crowds to stop what they were doing and go home. Former President Donald Trump also asked for people to calm down and protest peacefully.

However, in the weeks after the incident, the Democratic Party in the House impeached Trump for a second time. And again, for a second time, he was cleared of wrongdoing by the US Senate. When they realized they couldn’t get him, they started calling for the resignations of other Republicans, but they failed there too. So, now they have a different tactic — investigate, investigate, investigate. The GOP isn’t onboard though and they are being very vocal about Democrat opposition.

1/6 Commission

On May 19, House Democrats passed a proposal to form a 9/11 Commission-style committee for the January 6 events. The Left says that they need to investigate it in order to prevent it from happening again. Republicans have been arguing for months that the best way to prevent that from ever occurring again is to strengthen the voter laws so that people will trust the outcome of the elections.

They oppose this commission for other reasons, though. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said he thinks that it is highly partisan. The senator also argued that there is no need for another commission because there are already multiple investigations into it. The DOJ is investigating those involved while both chambers of Congress have launched smaller probes.

Republicans also believe Democrats will have too much power because although it would be split evenly between the parties, the chairman will be able to appoint all of his staff giving the Left full control over who is hired. The real question remains, can the commission be unbiased?

It seems as though the commission is just another way for the Democratic Party to try to make the Right look bad. Fortunately, it seems they won’t have enough votes to get it past a Senate filibuster.

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