RFK Jr Slams Trump as ‘Unhinged’ After Accusation of Being a ‘Democratic Plant’

(ReliableNews.org) – When Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) Jr. decided to drop out of the Democratic primary and run as an independent candidate he threw a wrench into the election. The race between former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden is already expected to be incredibly close. RFK Jr. could now swing the election in either direction and that’s concerning both major parties. Trump recently lashed out at him and Kennedy responded with a long rant.

Trump accused Kennedy of being a “Democrat ‘Plant’” who is really a “Radical Left Liberal” who was put into the presidential race to help Biden. The concern stems from the idea that Democrats have already rejected RFK Jr. in the primary, which is why he dropped out. Some of his beliefs more closely align with Trump’s, and he has called Biden a bigger threat to the country.

However, Trump told his followers on TRUTH Social that Kennedy is an extremist when it comes to issues of the environment, immigration, and other policies. He warned Republicans that if they voted for the independent candidate, their vote “would essentially be a “WASTED PROTEST VOTE” and could hurt him in the election.

Kennedy responded to the allegations made by Trump in a post on X, formerly Twitter. He repeatedly told the former president to debate him and called him “unhinged.” He said Trump’s rant against him was “barely coherent” and full of lies. The former environmental lawyer called the Republican the “most adept debater in modern American political history” but insinuated that he was “panicked” about meeting RFK Jr. on a debate stage.

The independent presidential candidate accused Trump of betraying his supporters, “colluding” with Biden to fund the Ukraine war, increasing America’s debt, among other things. He repeated his calls for a debate so they could settle their disagreements “mano-a-mano” in a “respectful” manner.

Trump has not participated in any debates throughout this campaign. He has said he would debate Biden, but it’s not clear if Kennedy will have enough support to participate.

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