Rioters’ Assault on the Rule of Law

( – Black Lives Matter (BLM) activists like to portray themselves as heroes of the disenfranchised minority masses. However, reality paints a far different picture as American cities continue to burn to the ground at the hands of these presumed anarchists. Attorney General William Barr delivered a strong rebuke to the movement during a Sept. 16 speech.

“The rule of law is the foundation of civilization,” Barr began. Continuing, he emphatically stated that no one could argue with the “proposition that black lives matter.

However, as he pointed out, they aren’t interested in preserving black lives. In reality, their only interest is pursuing a “broader political agenda,” which, as Barr pointed out, doesn’t address broader issues like economic prosperity and quality of life issues.

Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell, a black man, echoed that sentiment during a Sept. 17 Fox News interview. Addressing Barr’s statement directly, he stated it’s perfectly acceptable for Barr, a white man, to speak out about black lives.

“I agree with Bill Barr,” he stated, adding that BLM activists use black lives involved in police incidents as pawns to “manipulate the public.”

As Barr pointed out, black lives do matter. However, politicizing recent police encounters to play on society’s emotions dishonors the memory of the very people whose lives they claim to defend.

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