Riots Destroy Livelihoods

Riots Destroy Livelihoods

( – The damage from the riots in Minneapolis, Minnesota is unbelievable. City officials say the initial estimate to repair the property destroyed will cost at least $55 million. Now, residents are being dealt another blow.

One of the businesses rioters damaged was 7-Sigma Inc. The manufacturing company has called Minneapolis home since 1987, but now it’s moving. Owner Kris Wyrobek told the Star Tribune he’s closing up shop because city officials “…don’t care” and he said the company was on its own.

About 50 jobs are going to be lost, and at a time when the country is recovering from a global pandemic, those jobs all matter very much. It’s hard to believe this is going to be the only company to leave or close its doors as a result of the riots.

Other cities are facing similar economic issues. Peter Navarro, President Trump’s economic adviser, said states with large metropolitan areas aren’t recovering from COVID-19 as quickly as other places. He said the riots are partly to blame.

If places like Minneapolis hope to recover, they need to get their cities under control.

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