Rittenhouse to Speak at AmericaFest

Rittenhouse to Speak at AmericaFest

(ReliableNews.org) – The nonprofit group Turning Point USA hosts several conferences throughout the year promoting conservative values and offering training to help America’s high school and college students promote freedom. The organization’s annual AmericaFest summit for 2021 is December 18 – 21 in Phoenix. This year’s event includes musical guests, dozens of well-known conservative leaders, and Kyle Rittenhouse.

Turning Point USA spokesperson Andrew Kolvet recently told Newsweek that the group’s founder, Charlie Kirk, had interviewed Rittenhouse for a recent episode of his podcast and was eager for Rittenhouse to take the stage to talk about his recent experiences and his future plans.

In mid-November, a Wisconsin jury acquitted him of all charges related to his role in a series of deadly shootings at a protest, which turned into a riot, in Kenosha staged by Black Lives Matter activists and Antifa members. The shootings became a hot point of debate regarding Second Amendment protections, self-defense, and racial injustice. Rittenhouse quickly rose to prominence within America’s conservative movement.

Rittenhouse will share the stage with noteworthy conservatives like Donald Trump Jr., Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), Tucker Carlson, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH). The musical entertainment portion of the event includes concerts by Russell Dickerson, Brantly Gilbert, Dustin Lynch, and a host of other famous acts.

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