Rock Star Leaves Behind Estate After Deadly Fall

Movie Star Leaves Behind Estate After Deadly Fall

( – Martin Duffy was a popular rocker who was a member of the Scottish band Primal Scream for more than three decades. Throughout his career, he performed recorded songs with Oasis, the Chemical Brothers, and others. Late last year, he passed away after an accident, and now his family is dealing with the estate and debts he left behind.

Duffy died on December 18, 2022, after his family turned off the 55-year-old’s life support. He’d been hospitalized after his son, Louie Duffy, found him on the floor at his home. His son later said his dad consumed two bottles of wine, then tripped and suffered skull fractures. BBC journalist Steve Duffy announced his brother’s death on Twitter several days later.

During an inquest into his dad’s death, the 19-year-old told authorities that his father was an alcoholic. He accused the band of leaving Duffy out of a £5 million (USD $6.3 million) deal after they removed him from the group when he messed up once on stage. He said the band didn’t even tell his father about the agreement to sell some of its catalog to BMG, even though he played “on every Primal Scream album.” Worse, Louie claimed the band knew his father was in financial trouble but still chose to cut him out of the deal.

When the keyboard player passed away, he didn’t leave a will. His estate will go to his son, but it wasn’t very much money. According to reports, he had £482,894 (about USD $615K) remaining when he died after settling about £250,000 (USD $318K) in debt. During the pandemic, he wasn’t able to tour with the band, and that created some financial hardships for him. He was also diagnosed with prostate cancer during that time.

The remaining members of Primal Scream have not commented on the allegations.

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