Rodents Run Rampant at a McDonald’s in a Dramatic Protest

( – Protests have broken out across the world in the wake of the war between Israel and Gaza. Many of the demonstrations are to condemn Israel’s continued bombing of the Gaza Strip. A protest in the United Kingdom took a dramatic turn.

On October 30, diners at a McDonald’s in Birmingham, England, were enjoying their food when a pro-Palestine protestor walked into the restaurant. Suddenly, the person dumped out a box of mice that were painted in the colors of Palestine’s flag. The protestor screamed, “Free f***ing Palestine” and “f*** Israel!”

Diners who were enjoying themselves a few moments before started screaming. The West Midlands Police posted on X, formerly Twitter, that they were investigating after the live rodents were released into the restaurant. They went on, saying they understood the incident was distressing and that it wasn’t “acceptable in any circumstances.”

The police department said the incident is “being treated as a public nuisance offence [sic]” and that they will identify and arrest the person involved.

McDonald’s also responded, saying the restaurant was closed after the rodents were released, but they reopened after removing the pests and sanitizing the location. The restaurant chain has been a target of protestors after it donated 100,000 free meals to the Israeli military and offered its soldiers food at a 50% discount after the terrorist attack by Hamas that left hundreds of innocent Israelis dead.

In the US, protestors shut down Grand Central Terminal in New York City while demanding a ceasefire in Gaza. The organization Jewish Voice for Peace organized the demonstration. The protest was a pain for the hundreds of thousands of people who regularly pass through the terminal in the US’ largest city.

Israel has rejected calls for a ceasefire. The country has promised to completely eradicate the terrorist group in the wake of the attack.

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