Romney Launches Attack Against Trump For Things He Hasn’t Even Done Yet

( – Failed 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney is one of President Donald Trump’s nastiest critics. He is the only Republican senator who voted in favor of one of the articles of impeachment, and now he’s attacking the commander-in-chief for things he thinks he might do.

On Thursday, November 19, Senator Romney (R-UT) joined former Obama official David Axelrod on his podcast where he discussed the recent election. The RINO is operating on the assumption Joe Biden won the election and Trump is a lame duck president. He told Axelrod he thinks there are going to “be gaps” and the former vice president’s team “won’t be able to get underway” because the president wants to wait for all of the votes to be counted before he concedes.

Romney also complained about Trump making personnel decisions.

Trump has every right to fire and hire whomever he wants. He also has the right to refuse to concede until he’s sure he lost. So far, none of this has caused any problems, so what is the senator talking about?

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