Romney Says Biden’s ‘Enormous Error’ Was Not Pardoning Trump

( – Former President Donald Trump is currently in the middle of his first criminal trial and has three more in his future. Despite the former US leader’s claims to the contrary, President Joe Biden has purposely steered clear of the ongoing cases. However, at least one seasoned Republican thinks that was a big mistake.

On May 15, Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) sat for an interview with Stephanie Ruhle on MSNBC. The long-time legislator said that Biden “should have fought like crazy” to stop the cases from going to trial. As it stands, Romney believes his legal woes are a “win-win” this election season — although he didn’t elaborate on that point. While the president can only pardon federal cases, the Utah senator believes Biden should have pressured the states to drop their cases.

Still, Romney said if he were president at the time, he would’ve “immediately pardoned him” because that would make him “the big guy and the person [who] pardoned a little guy.” In essence, the lawmaker believes it would have shifted the dynamic between the two. However, he indicated it was too late for all that now. To make his case to Ruhle, the senator referenced former President Lyndon B. Johnson, who used his office to pressure others into doing what he wanted. He concluded that Johnson would’ve “been all over that prosecutor.”

On the other hand, Romney also said he didn’t like to see his fellow Republicans “attacking [the] legal system,” calling the move an “enormous mistake.” The legislator was referencing the barrage of lawmakers, including the speaker of the House, who have been speaking for the former president in from of the Manhattan courthouse. Romney indicated they were doing that to audition for the role of vice president, should Trump win. Trump will likely announce his pick this summer.

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