Ron DeSantis Exposes Ambulance Chaser Media

( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) is not a favorite among Democrats. In fact, they often attack him for his response to COVID-19. However, even some of them are standing up for the governor after a segment of “60 Minutes.” The program accused him of a pay-for-play scheme because Publix was helping the state get people vaccinated after the grocery store chain donated to his campaign. The hit piece led to criticism from the Left and the Right.

On April 6, DeSantis slammed the program for “lying” when everyone knows they aren’t telling the truth. He likened them to “ambulance chasers with a microphone.”

The governor isn’t the only one calling the program out. Palm Beach County Democrat Mayor Dave Kerner said CBS aired an “intentionally false” segment. He said that he met with them and offered to talk more about the vaccine program but they declined. Another Democrat, Florida Division of Emergency Management head, Jared Moskowitz, said the program was “complete malarkey” because nobody from the governor’s office ever asked for the deal with Publix. Meanwhile, CBS has still not issued an apology.

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